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CRL Architects was formed with the aim of producing imaginative, intelligent and rational architecture. We are a design-led practice that tailors each design to the client’s requirements and the constraints of the site. Ideas are generated on a case-by case basis which consistently produces responsive, dynamic and visually attractive projects.


Most of our work recently has been residential - both new build and refurbishment/extensions. We are happy to do small jobs as well as large. As architects we are trained to analyse clients requirements in detail and not just accept the first brief. We are not the cheapest in the market but we believe we give value for money. 


We are committed to the creation of spaces that are functional, affordable, and enjoyable.  We produce high quality design through creativity and our broad experience of the construction process. The practice's designs are carefully considered to meet the programme and the client’s budget. CRL is committed to a sustainable architecture which benefits current and future generations.


CRL is a small practice with broad experience.  All projects benefit at every stage from the involvement of our hands-on Director.


CRL Architects was established in 1993.


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